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Frequently Asked Questions
  General Questions:
I'm an experienced meditator. How can this help me?
You’ll be able to reach the deeper meditative state faster, and stay there longer. Your practice will become more consistent and more meaningful as you will be free to focus your energies on the specifics of your spiritual and personal growth.

You can build on your previous experiences, develop greater insight and clarity on the more hidden aspects of yourself, and reach ever-higher levels of awakening when you  practice with Profound Gamma.
I'm new to meditation. What do I have to learn?
There are no techniques to master, no mantras to memorise.

Beginners often struggle with a mind that simply won’t be quiet, and the mental chatter overwhelms their ability to relax or focus - making it almost impossible to enter a deep meditative state. 

Profound Gamma audio technology does the work for you - all you have to do is press PLAY, focus your attention on the MindfulBeats and relax into the soundtrack.

Over time, you will naturally develop the advanced meditation skills that give you complete mastery of your mind - and we help you along in this process with our comprehensive support coaching and the inspirational, transformational documentation you’ll receive throughout the program.
How will I fit this in to my crazy busy schedule?
You will be pleasantly surprised at how little time it takes to meditate with Profound Gamma.

Since you’re not tied down to any location, you can fit meditation into the busiest life: the meditations are only 30 minutes long, and if you’re really strapped for time, the musical gamma experiences will work their magic for you in just 7 minutes.

The truly remarkable thing is that the more you meditate, the clearer your thinking becomes. You’ll be better able to solve life’s daily problems, you’ll actually take action instead of “think about taking action” (procrastinating); and as a result your life will start to run more smoothly and efficiently, and you’ll make some serious progress on your goals. 

We recommend a daily practice for best results. But don’t add to your stress if it’s just not going to happen for a day or two or three. Just return to your Profound Gamma practice when you can, and if you stay committed to this wonderful “me time” you’ll find that it will have a positive impact on all areas of your life.
When will I feel the effects?
Many users feel the effects almost immediately; most feel something within the first few days. That “something” can be a greater sense of calm focus throughout the day, mental clarity, creativity, inner peace and well-being.
Will I feel anything?
Some people are aware of physical sensations in their brain when they meditate with Profound Gamma, others do not. Don’t worry about what you feel or don’t feel. Many times, what you expect to happen, will happen - it’s a proven fact that scientists can influence the results of an experiment with the energy of their own expectations! 

If you do feel a physical sensation or even a shift in your emotions, it’s because of heightened awareness.

When you’re awake, your brain constantly cycles in and out through different brainwave states, sometimes for microseconds, sometimes for longer. When you’re busy doing things, you are usually not aware of any physical sensations in the brain as its activity levels fluctuate.

But when you meditate, you have less distractions, and it’s easier to become aware of any subtle sensations in your brain and body. This is why many people believe that these sensations only happen during meditation, when in fact they’re happening all the time - you’re just not aware of them when you’re busy. 

Meditation has a funny way of distorting your perception of time and space, of relaxing you so deeply that you lose awareness of your physical body. This is a very interesting experience!

You may ‘feel’ an inter-connectedness with everything. You may perceive yourself as nothing but energy. Or, you may be very aware of the your leg having gone to sleep... what’s important is that you’re developing your awareness.
Can I do other things while I listen to the meditations?
If something requires your attention, the answer is no.

Yoga is fine since it is a meditative activity anyway, but avoid any activity that causes your brain to stay in an alert state - when you are practicing Profound Gamma meditations, don’t work, use the computer, talk or read. 

IMPORTANT: DO NOT drive or operate machinery while you are using this technology.

Some of the bonus tracks are meant to be listened to while working, studying, creating or relaxing; but save the main monthly tracks for a dedicated meditation practice where your brain is allowed to relax into the program without constantly being pulled away.

This way you’ll reap the greatest benefits in the shortest amount of time possible!
  Billing Questions:
How do I cancel my membership?
It's simple to cancel your membership. Email our friendly support team with the subject line "CANCEL PGC" to help@brainwave-research.com 
  Technical Questions:
Are my headphone frequency settings suitable?
The normal frequency range of headphones is about 20Hz/20,000Hz. These are perfectly suitable for use with Profound Gamma and you will gain all the benefits advertised with a set of headphones with these ranges.
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