"A different kind of meditation"
Increase your capacity for experiencing happiness, joy and profound bliss with a 14 day free access pass to the Profound Gamma Club!
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To begin your free 14 days, simply enter your name and email, and the payment option that’s best for you, and start your 14 days free meditation experience. You get highest quality streaming access to all the Profound Gamma meditation sessions shown on this webpage plus one new deeper gamma meditation experience for as long as you choose to remain a member of the club. If you decide to remain a member for the complete 24 month duration your membership will automatically change to a lifetime access with no additional payments needed to stream and access ALL Profound Gamma sessions.
You get Instant Streaming Access Today to all these valuable Gamma meditations plus rare musical Gamma bonuses!
The original Awaken to Profound Gamma meditation experience. (30 mins)
Your 1st month meditation experience from the Profound Gamma Club. (30 mins)
One rare limited-edition Profound Gamma meditation experience. (Extra long session - 60 mins)
A unique pan pipes / pan flutes deep relaxation experience embedded with the benefits of Gamma brainwave tech. (60 mins)
A never-to-be-forgotten classical music experience embedded with the benefits of Gamma brainwave tech. (60 mins)
Brainwave Research UK offers a free 14 days of membership for all NEW customers. Sign up for your 14 day pass and instantly access all the Profound Gamma meditations and Gamma bonuses shown on this page. *One free 14 day pass per postal address*

You won't be charged during your 14 days free membership and you can cancel anytime. 

We'll even remind you 2 days before your free access is about to end, so you can cancel your account if you'd rather not continue your Profound Gamma Club membership as a paid member. 

If you choose to continue enjoying the Profound Gamma Club after your free access ends, you’ll be automatically charged one low monthly $37 (USD) fee no matter how much you use your Profound Gamma meditations. 

You will also receive a new unique Profound Gamma meditation each month to add variety to your gamma meditation experience.

Why do I need a payment method to start a free access trial?

We ask for a payment method to ensure you don't have any interruption in service after the free trial.
Regular Profound Gamma exposure increases the power and reach of fast, gamma brainwaves that are usually only experienced in such amounts by Tibetan monks who've spent decades in quiet solitude.

All the Profound Gamma meditation experiences activate these brain states, strengthening them a bit each time so that the brain "learns" how to switch to gamma brainwave states faster and by itself.

This gives you the ability to gradually rewire your own brain - from the inside out - You'll enjoy enlightening new moments, awakened new ideas and solutions, and states of insightful clarity and bliss.

In fact: You'll feel brand-new with daily gamma wave exposure.
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You'll instantly receive a username and password to stream your Profound Gamma meditations directly through your computer browser or on your tablet or smartphone or simply install our free APP! (for Apple and Android devices) 

*No wifi or 4G connection required with the free APP

"much happier in myself"

I find myself smiling throughout the meditation, its just an overwhelming feeling of happiness throughout. I don't have a short fuse anymore, I'm just so much more easy going. My everyday focus is definitely more enhanced, I just feel so much more aware of things.

"clarity and calmness"

I am experiencing heightened levels of creativity, clarity, and calmness while embodying extra energy, inspiration, and direction. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking a more relaxed, harmonious, and fulfilling life.
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