"A different kind of meditation"
"An overwhelming feeling of happiness"

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Uncontrollable smiles are how you know this meditation works!
Meditation beginner? Meditation veteran? Jaded practitioner? You are in the right place and only seconds away from experiencing a different kind of meditation experience never-to-be-forgotten.
Think you've tried it all? Try this for just 7 days and you'll never need to try another meditation technique again - Guaranteed.
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"much happier in myself"

I find myself smiling throughout the meditation, its just an overwhelming feeling of happiness throughout. I don't have a short fuse anymore, I'm just so much more easy going. My everyday focus is definitely more enhanced, I just feel so much more aware of things. 

"clarity and calmness"

I am experiencing heightened levels of creativity, clarity, and calmness while embodying extra energy, inspiration, and direction. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking a more relaxed, harmonious, and fulfilling life.
What is Profound Gamma and how can it help you?
In the same way the high-powered microscope revolutionised biology, in recent years new scientific tools such as functional MRIs have led to a considerable increase in scientific knowledge about our mind and brain. As a result, we now understand how to alter our brainwaves to become happier, experience more joy and live a more awakened life.

Profound Gamma is a unique meditation audio technology developed by Brainwave Research UK.  It incorporates the latest discoveries from modern scientific research and combines with ancient Tibetan mindfulness methods to create never-to-be-forgotten meditation experiences. 

Profound Gamma now makes it simple for anyone to achieve the benefits of a deeply rewarding meditation practice.
Increase your capacity for experiencing happiness, joy and profound bliss
When experienced Tibetan monks go deeply into meditation, they produce uncommonly strong gamma brainwaves of electrical activity, in which many regions of the brain pulse in synchrony 40 times per second, integrating and unifying large areas of the mind.

Having the ability to affect your own mind in a similar way can be very helpful, especially for people who do not have time for intensive traditional meditation practices, such as the 24/7 disciplined life of a monk.

Profound Gamma is a new meditation path that involves training of the mind/brain and daily immersion in pleasurable gamma brainwave states that are responsible for real happiness, a joyful life and profound states of bliss and inner peace.
Enlightening breakthroughs, a new way of being, a whole new way of seeing the world
Regular Profound Gamma exposure increases the power and reach of fast, gamma brainwaves that are usually only experienced in such amounts by Tibetan monks who've spent decades in quiet solitude.

All the Profound Gamma meditation experiences activate these brain states, strengthening them a bit each time so that the brain "learns" how to switch to gamma brainwave states faster and by itself.

This gives you the ability to gradually rewire your own brain - from the inside out - You'll enjoy enlightening new moments, awakened new ideas and solutions, and states of insightful clarity and bliss.

In fact: You'll feel brand-new with daily gamma wave exposure.


Scientific experiments carried out on buddhist monks from Tibet have shown a correlation between transcendental mental states and gamma waves.

A recent study took eight long-term Tibetan Buddhist practitioners of meditation and, using electrodes, monitored the patterns of electrical activity produced by their brains as they meditated. 

When the monks were told to generate a feeling of compassion during meditation, their brain activity began to fire in a rhythmic, coherent manner, suggesting neuronal structures were firing in harmony. 

This was observed at a frequency of 40 Hz, the rhythm of gamma waves. These gamma-band oscillations in the monk’s brain signals were the largest seen in humans. 

Conversely, these gamma-band oscillations were scant in novice meditators. 

Based on these discoveries, Brainwave Research UK have engineered a new audio technology that safely guides the listeners brainwaves in to the same gamma ranges while also incorporating a time tested Tibetan mindfulness technique which combined creates a new potently profound meditation experience unlike anything before it.

Further reading on the research studies here:

Scientific American: Zen Gamma
Huff Post: The Electric Monks
What is the The Profound Gamma Club?
The Profound Gamma Club has been designed to keep your whole gamma meditation experience fresh and exciting so you stick to your practice and continue to reap the benefits of increased gamma brainwave states. Members are sent a new and unique Profound Gamma meditation experience each month they remain a member until eventually you have access to your very own library of Gamma meditations you can turn to anytime.  
Privileges of Your Profound Gamma Club membership:
 Enter a world of breathtaking new emotional and mental benefits and unforgettable personal experiences powered by our ground-breaking 3XPureTone brainwave guidance technology
 As a club member, you'll enjoy access to a magical new Profound Gamma meditation experience each month of your membership - Build up a huge collection of your favourite meditation experiences over time
 The privileges of your membership continue with exclusive free gifts, un-advertised bonus experiences, member only content, supporting materials, regular email support and encouragement and much more
 Free access by email or telephone to our friendly and talented support coaches who are always ready to help you get the absolute most from your Profound gamma practice
 Join the ranks of highly trained Tibetan monks, the most accomplished meditation experts on the planet and revel in the wonderful feelings created by more gamma
 Membership to the Profound Gamma club is your passport to awakened states of mind, a happier and more joyful life experience, heightened perceptions, monk like bliss, and the ability to live in the here and now like never before.
Take your free 14 day pass today and get instant access to these unique musical gamma experiences
But what about those busy days when you miss your regular meditation session? No problem for Profound Gamma Club members. They just press PLAY on one of these 2 musical gamma experiences designed to make sure you don't miss out on a dose of gamma brainwaves even if you don't have time to meditate. Listen to these when you work, rest, do the chores, entertain and much more. Both are designed to entrain brainwaves while being played over open speakers so not only you benefit but everyone around you enjoys gamma brainwave entrainment too.

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Essence of Gamma fuses our mind-enlightening 3XPureTone™ Gamma brainwave guidance technology with a 60 minute selection of unforgettably relaxing pan pipes and pan flutes.

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Classical Gamma interlaces 60 minutes of exquisite classical renditions with our unmatched mind-enlightening 3XPureTone™ Gamma brainwave guidance technology.
What makes Profound Gamma different to all the other brainwave meditations available?
If you're serious about achieving the life-changing results of a deep meditation practice then you need the absolute highest quality brainwave guidance technology available. But how do you choose the highest quality product with so many seemingly similar products available and everyone telling you that they have the best? 

The majority of brainwave entrainment providers are good at explaining how fantastic their own technology is but we prefer to leave these explanations to impartial audio experts like Professor Gabriele - James Madison University 

Professor Mark Gabriele - Auditory Neuroscientist

I am an auditory neuroscientist by training and have been practicing meditation for years. 

Based on mounting evidence in the field of neuroscience and my own personal practice, I am a firm believer in the many benefits meditation can have on the mind and our consciousness. 

The primary thing I noticed from this audio entrainment technology was how it enabled me to more quickly settle into a mindful space. 

Given the busy lifestyle many of us lead these days, few have time to devote hours a day to mindfulness practices and meditation. This technology in my mind is an invaluable tool to help us more quickly access an awakened state that can be elusive to even the seasoned meditator. 

But don't take my word for it, life's a journey ... find out for yourself! 
The technical reasons that Profound Gamma meditations work so well is because we use a pure brainwave entrainment tone (3XPureTone Method) which is the exact opposite to what most other brainwave products do. (Read more below)

We also embed MindfulBeats inside. It's the combination of the pure gamma tone plus a proven mindfulness meditation technique that makes Profound Gamma light years ahead of anything you can currently find on youtube or a paid brainwave product or APP.

3XPureTone Method

The reason Profound Gamma works so well is that we only focus on one frequency. A 40Hz pure Gamma tone is used which allows the brain to easily "entrain" to this one target frequency, If you have ever tried brainwave entrainment before you have most likely listened to multiple tones which makes it difficult for the brain to lock on to any one target frequency.

MindfulBeats 60BPM

MindfulBeats is designed to strengthen your attention/concentration. When your attention is steady, so is your mind: not disturbed or hijacked by whatever pops into your awareness, but stably present, grounded, and unshakeable. When the mind is quiet, fewer things bubble up to distract you and it's easier to transcend more deeply to the awakened states.

"When you live with more gamma brainwaves, you live a more awakened, happier and joyful life"
100% FREE one-to-one coaching - But only when you request it!
We have a team of real human meditation support coaches standing by ready to help you step-by-step to achieve profound results with this exciting new meditation experience. They will answer your questions, offer personal guidance and best practices and even give you a call on the phone and talk you through your first few meditations or if you prefer all communications can be done via email. Whatever works best for you!

(We also offer plenty of written support materials too which are delivered periodically throughout your membership) 
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